Wine submits a moving speech in Uganda court.

Robert Kyaggulanyi aka Bobi Wine[Photo/Courtesy].

Here is the moving speech from MP Bobi Wine that left both the police and the court clueless after the Monday arrest.

When he was granted an opportunity to speak to the court,  the confident Kyadondo legislator affirmed his commitment to his course which he termed ‘noble’ for the entire country and said he was ready to die for Ugandans to be saved.

He categorically told the court that his only mistake was to disagree with, in particular, Mr. Museveni and his oppressive regime. That any charges against him are just a fabrication. Here is the speech:

“Your honour, thank you for this opportunity to speak to you and to speak to this Honorable Court. I am confident because indeed it is not me on trial; it is the court itself on trial! I have not committed any crime. I am only here because I disagree with the political leadership of this country and in particular President Museveni. But my spirit is confident because I am here not because I have stolen public funds or killed somebody. I am glad that I am here because I am fighting for them, you your honor (magistrate) and everybody in this country. I am here for protesting against unfair taxation and against injustice. So if I am to go through this oppression and pain for the betterment of my country, so be it. I know that history will absolve me. I thank you.” he said.

After his brief submission, the court room burst into cheers and clapping before he was send back to the Luzira prison.Video courtesy of Bobi Wine Facebook:

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