Atwoli’s commends that could see Wanuna, Kilobi launch newsroom cold war.

Mzee Atwoli and his second wife Mary Kilobi[Photo/Source].

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli commends during KTNs checkpoint show, could be the start of cold war between Wanuna and Atwoli’s second wife Mary Kilobi.

KTNs Sophia Wanuna[Photo/Source].
Atwoli during the show complimented Sophia Wanuna in a manner that anyone could read too much into it going by the past history of Mzee Atwoli.

“I listen to you Sophia. I am a fan of KTN. I am your fan, in particular, you as Sophia. Let me tell you, I listen to you carefully,” Atwoli emphasized on live TV.

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Although Atwoli might have made the remarks in good faith and without hidden motive, kin Kenyans on twitter came up with many theories some saying she could be the next prime target. They said:

Evansoh Demosh: Sophi,this is a trap Aya!.
Bro Justus: Be very worried when Atwoli listens to you. Be worried

Theddy: Sophie usimpatie namba,📞 Atwoli ni Fisi, 🤔
HypocriticalLawyers‏: This old man is simply he wants Sophia.He is so dirty! Bure kabisa.

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