Fallout as co-founder Hughes wants Facebook to breakup.

Chris Hughes[Photo/Source].

Mark Zuckerberg’s friend Chris Hughes with whom they developed Facebook together now want the company broken up.

According to Hughes, Zuckeberg was becoming extremely powerful because he had no boss to check on him what must worry any economy.

To quote him, “He is extremely powerful because he has no boss; because there is no regulatory agency,” said Mr. Hughes.

He asked the US government to break up the company and, second, start to check on its domination in the market. He said “We can fix this: break the company up and regulate it.”

He expressed this on New York Times where he called for the breaking of the world’s popular social network that they both developed when they were roommates back then in college.

Zuckerberg is user number four while Hughes who helped develop the ‘News feed’ making a half a billion dollars before quitting in 2012 is user number five.

He is accusing Mr. Zuckeberg of allowing to be surrounded by sycophantic individuals who cannot criticize him.

Zuckerberg at one point had promised to bring changes in his company what is yet to be achieved.

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