Film board drops charges against Alvindo after meeting.

KFCB Chair Ezekiel Mutua[Photo/Jihami].

Charges which had been leveled against the Takataka singer Alvindo have today on May 2nd, 2019 been dropped by the Mutua led Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB.

Speaking at the board’s offices when singer Alvindo finally appeared before them after along chase, Ezekiel Mutua said they had reached the decision to drop the charges  against the young talent.

They however were clear that the contents of the song were still an issue in regard to ethics and therefore should not be compromised.

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The board also clarified that the song will not be allowed to continue getting airplay and instead should be pulled down from popular social platforms including Youtube, “We have agreed that the song be pulled down from you tube and other popular sites.” KFCB official said.

Singer Alvindo, during the meeting, promised to record ethical songs that would help his generation to obey law and order.

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