Changing currency cannot reliably fight graft, don’t take us for a ride.

President Uhuru Kenyatta receiving new generation banknotes of Sh50,Sh100,Sh200,Sh1000 denominations from Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge[Photo/Courtesy].

The change of Kenyan currency may not bring the hope that Kenyans have been made to expect especially as far as bringing corruption to an end.

Economist argue that there are so many other ways a government can fight corruption with easily than the withdrawal of old currency and reintroducing new ones.

It is not possible to expect that the newly introduced money will not be hoarded. The corrupt will still change the notes and keep it again. So what?

The cartels and the corrupt are very wise people; they are always ahead of the park. Believe it or not they are always at the discussion table where the big decisions are made. They must have been part of this discussion. They will use the four months period to sanitize their loot. They will simply change the money into the new notes and hoard it back – thanks to the plenty of time in spare. Four month is alot of time.

It brings in another new angle, it must not be lost that  banks in this country are owned by these same individuals who loot us dry. And that’s why I can authoritatively tell you that they were part of all these shenanigan. They will therefore change and hoard the cash through their own banks.

If Uhuru Kenyatta and Governor Patrick Njoroge were actually serious on this course, what was wrong with announcing that ‘from tomorrow all the money must have been returned?’ You can imagine the show we would have been treated to immediately after the Madaraka day!

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For those who didn’t know, we are four years behind the schedule as the constitution required this move to have been undertaken four years ago; so Mr. Kenyatta was just doing what the law required him to do and not to fight corruption.

Uhuru simply changed the currency due to pressure from the constitution and not to fight corruption. Don’t be lied to. He can fight the corrupt through other ways since he has the machinery.

Corruption can easily be fought through arresting the powerful individuals in his government who are well known to keep their loot in their houses just to avoid taxation problems; the state knows them with or without evidence. They know who is who in this country. KRA has all the revenue records. The CID and the NIS on the other hand has all the information. This long root we have taken will just end nowhere.

The end game of what the state has done will be to bring some money to the economy so that it can be used. The economy will have some more money but let us not expect alot, not even any arrests. This government will not arrest anyone for hoarding money because if its intentions was to arrest, then they can do it now.

In fact scholars have just reasoned that after the four months period, the state might be tempted to extend it for alittle more days because their aim is not to punish anyone but to encourage hoarded cash to come out as much as it can. Not bad though. Time is going to exonerate me.

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