Hong Kong Chief in trouble as protesters hit over 2 million people.

Hong Kong Protesters on the streets[Photo/Courtesy]

Over 2 million citizens of Hong Kong thronged the streets of the city in protest of the new government’s bill on extradition.

The civilians who kicked off their protests afew days ago have been swelling in numbers and it is reported that they have, in just days, hit a record 2million.

The new law, according to the protesters, would subject the country’s citizens and visitors for trial in mainland China’s Communist-controlled courts, what would then interfere with the freedom of speech.

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Despite Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, apologizing for the controversial bill following a week of massive protests, that would not be enough to cool the temperatures in the country.

She had admittedly observed that there are shortcomings in the running of her government hence the dispute. “The chief apologises to the citizens and promises to accept criticism with the most sincere and humble attitude,” read part of her statement.

Members of the public are piling pressure to Lam until she resigns. They fault her for pushing the ‘monstrous bill’ through against their wishes.

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