Kakamega twins spent night at police after a clash as police term it ‘minor protection’.

Kakamega County Commander Bernard Muli in his office on June 21st, 2019[Photo/Jihami].
Rosemary Onyango mother to Sharon at the Kakamega police Station on June21st, 2019.

The Kakamega twin puzzle could be far from over after the factions within the family allegedly clashed in the open forcing the three girls to seek refuge at a Kakamega Police.

Speaking to the media on Friday June 21st, however, Kakamega County commander Bernard Muli confirmed that they had offered the twins some refuge at the station as law requires and that it was just a protection they were offering to the minors before their guardians came in to identify themselves and nothing else.

“We are not mediating on anything. No issues. We are treating them as children under care and protection as we have that unit in our camp. Children in need of care and protection are protected by law if they don’t have a guardian,” Muli said.

Earlier, Deputy Kakamega Central Sub-County Police commander Mr. Sammy Nyongesa confirmed that the mothers and their daughters Melon Lutenyo, Mevies Imbaya and Sharon Mathias spent their Thursday night at the police.

He said their stay at the station, however, did not mean they were under any arrest for they had not committed any crime but that at least give them room to resolve outstanding matters.

“They slept here at Children’s house and they slept quite well and there was no report that one mother was running away with her daughter; that’s a lie but we are waiting for their decision,” said Nyongesa who added that there was no any problem among the twins but that two men they identified as Wilson Ruto and Richard Olukhakha had created an ugly scene in town with both having hopes of leading the girls to the governor’s office as their fathers.

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Moments before the police came in on Thursday, however,  there was a standstill in town when the men who claimed fatherhood of the three clashed in the open who police referred to ‘just people who would create a scene to benefit from it’

It is reported that when Angelina Omina mother to Mevies Imbaya and the three daughters appeared at the Kakamega’s Shell Station near bus park, the grandfather to Sharon Mr Shem Abuti, acting on a tip off, arrived and started to confront Angelina.

“Nilipokuja nikawambia twende kwa Oparanya mama akaniambia mtoto haendi kwa gavana anaenda kwangu…ndipo nikashika mkono mtoto nikamwambia tunaenda kwa gavana hapo ndipo watu wakaanza kunipiga(I just told them we need to visit the governor but  Angelina protested attracting a crowd),” Shem narrated.

The altercation then attracted a crowd at the bus park creating some amount of fear in the girls who then rushed to the police for ‘protection’ where they spent their night with both their mothers.

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