Prof Herman Manyora hints at Waiguru’s Mt. Kenya kingship.

Prof Herman Manyora[Photo/Manyora].

Renowned Political analyst Prof. Herman Manyora now claims Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s popularity cannot be underestimated.

Analyzing Central Kenya’s succession politics, Manyora noted that as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit nears, Mt. Kenya would require to be given a direction which may not perfectly come from Mr. Kenyatta himself but someone else and in this case Waiguru has already demonstrated it perfectly.

Manyora says it is not possible for the region known to be large in the country to miss a kingpin as 2022 nears and that the best person to take over this role is Governor Anne Waiguru.

He attributed this to the recent authoritative voice where she was recorded asking the region to prepare for a Raila presidency.

Another possible school of thought could be, that because Mr. Kneyatta would not want to publicly endorse his favorite for fear of embarrassment, would choose to use Waiguru to endorse Mr. Odinga who may then pick on Anne as his 2022 running mate.

“She is a serious lady from the mount. In her own words she is now leading the Mt. Kenya region as Kenyans move towards 2022,” Manyora said on his tale or leave it.

Waiguru’s endorsement for Raila, though remains delicate, Manyora argues that the next conversation should only be will her people accept a Mr. Odinga presidency.

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