Its corruption Mr. President which caused precious loss at Precious Talent School. Period!

The scene where seven pupils from Precious Talent School in Dagoretti, Nairobi County died on Monday, September 23, 2019[Photo/Curtesy].

The deaths which occurred at Precious Talent School in Dagoreti South Nairobi on Monday Sept 23rd were avoidable if there was no corruption.

For a building of that nature to collapse, there must be some rogue public engineers who must have been bribed to approve the substandard structure that has eventually killed innocent school going children.

In fact initial findings have already shown that it was built with chicken wire then covered with cement. This is how low we have sunk as a nation.

Prof Magoha in his assessment confirmed that the contractor of the classrooms had created a foundation for a single-story building before later deciding to add one more floor up.

We can coat it with another name but this is just corruption that usually takes place every day in this country and unfortunately which has also hijacked building and construction industry. public Outcry Desk wants to put it very clear that there were, in this situation, a chain of public officials on government’s payroll who were bribed to approve the structure its standards and quality notwithstanding which has eventually cost this country young lives.

This may not be the end because it is not also the first time we are experiencing this calamity, we believe they are even many more buildings whose standards are wanting as the government continues to keep a watch from a distance.

As usual the noises will be made and at the end nobody will be held responsible; what we shall be promised is the usual line from the authorities that ‘investigation have commenced’.

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This line is usually used because even those who are supposed to carry out the investigations, unfortunately, fall in the same bracket; they are the biggest corruption that ever happened in this country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on your part, you must understand that just barking will not help and neither threats will. You must take this war a notch higher since those who are killing this country are your own junior officers in your government and when they mess we blame it on you.

If we cannot fight corruption and win, shall we really fight Al-shabaabs and win? On to you!


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