Today if Al Shabaab Endorses Imran, the ODM Party Will Embrace


Last week the ODM Party released its fictitious internal poll where they claimed Imran Okoth was comfortably ahead of Owalo and Mariga with over 40% of the Kibra vote while Owalo and Imran would only get 4% each. But the desperation by ODM only tells you there is something they know that we also know.

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Imran will poll if more…less than 15% of the vote. This election was lost by ODM the day ODM decided to abandon and ignore the people of Kibra. Those were many years ago.

ODM is today desperately looking for endorsement for Imran from every corner of the country. Strangely for a candidate with unassailable popularity according to their fake polls.

Today if Al Shabaab endorses Imran the ODM Party Will Embrace Al shabaab.

If drug lords endorse Imran the ODM Party will embrace drug lords.

If Mungiki tortures and kills Kibra residents for Imran ODM Party will Embrace Mungiki.

If the government approaches ODM to rig for Imran ODM will support rigging.

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ODM Party today stands for nothing. This is not the ODM your children died for.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Say NO to expired ODM treachery. Kibra wants jobs, hospitals, better housing, better schools, and better sanitation. Not political party populism.

Via Siasa Kibra

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