Why I have huge security detail -Hermonize now opens up.

Harmonize performing at a past event [Source/Harmonize/Instagram].

“I walk around with these guys not because of show off but its because I want them to also see the world and benefit from my growth. Some are those guys I have grown with and they have to get food on the table,” Hermonize.

Bongo star Hermonize[Photo/Courtesy].
Bongo finest Hermonize has defended his move of walking around with huge security detail saying its not for a show off.

Speaking on Citizen 10 over 10 segment on Friday Oct 25th, Hermonize who since ditching former record label Wasafi has been the talk of town for his new style of showbiz.

“For me security unawaona na mimi ni watu ninewafahamu 10 years ago nkiwa bado mtaani nkitafuta biashara ndogo ndogo kupata riziki alafu ikafika point Mungu akanifanya niwe Herrmonize na wao walikuwa bado mtaani wakihangaika na nikasema mbona nisiwaite ndugu zangu tufanye kazi pamoja tukitafuta riziki (The guards you see here are people I have known for more than ten years when I used to hustle back in the days. When God made me Hermonize and they were still hustling I had to bring them on board to hustle with me,” said Hermonize adding that, “To me they are not my security guards they are my brothers”.

The star left Diamond’s Wasafi for his own outfit the Konde Gang, which he has already recorded with a track titled Uno.

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