Sam Vidambu: Feeding Minds, Inspiring Souls, Transforming Generations.


Sam Vidambu is a motivational speaker and a Youth Mentor who believes that most people are lions but they lack the ability to roar. In other words, they have dreams but they don’t chase them.

“Having been a motivational speaker for over seven years, I have realized that most people have ambitions but lack the confidence to chase their dreams”, says Sam Vidambu.

When he stands up to speak, he is always welcomed by rousing applause that is mostly followed by penetrating silence as the audience waits to listen from him.

According to Mr. Vidambu, the many challenges he faced while growing up was a motivator for him to pursue his dream. Having been born and raised in a poor set-up, he doesn’t wish anyone else to go through what he went through.

“I was born and brought up in a two-room grass-thatched house whose walls were made of mud. One room was meant for our parents while my sisters and I shared the other room. We could go for days without food bearing in mind that my dad was a seasonal carpenter with mom being a full-time housewife. We wore rags – It was hectic. I just can’t stand anyone else going through the same.  That’s why I decided to help people pursue their dreams” he narrates.

After campus, Vidambu was lucky to land a job as a financial manager with a good salary. However, the job didn’t make him happy as he yearned to go out to the world and help other people, especially the youth, achieve greatness.

This made him resign his role and form the Global Mentorship Program organization, whose goal is to mentor one million youths in ten years. He also formed the Ambigen Ltd Company and so far they have mentored many youths in different parts of Africa and Europe.

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From his experience, Vidambu alludes to the fact that motivational speaking is yet to be fully embraced in Kenya like in the USA, UK, Canada, etc where speakers are considered mainstream.

However, he is quick to note that, motivational speaking is gaining ground in Kenya and that speakers are beginning to be recognized and appreciated.

“The Future is bright for people with dreams”, says Vidambu.

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