Former Premier ‘clubbing’ even as you complain about BBI. BBI ni wewe na watu wa kwenu?

Former Premier Raila Odinga[Photo/Courtesy].

Even as a section of haters claim that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is being set up in the whole BBI puzzle, here is a video showing him celebrate.

It is unlikely that Mr. Odinga could be headed to the slaughter house as a section of Kenyans claim if contents of this clip are anything to go by.

Just like any other Kenyan, you and me, Mr. Odinga can still afford to take time out of politics to mingle, wine and dance.

According to the viral video now doing rounds on the internet for the second day in a raw, baba as he is commonly referred to, could be living the best life in his sunset years.

Joined by a woman and later a clique of other unidentified individuals, smiling Mr. Odinga can be seen dancing to the sumptuous background Lingala tunes.

Baba is living his life to the fullest Yawa!

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