Video -Disgruntled Waititu caught trying to stock and greet Uhuru.

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu with president Uhuru[Photo/Courtesy].

Desperate Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, was caught on camera sruggling to greet President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As part of his efforts to mend fences, the embattled Kiambu Governor has been making his way into any statehouse function keen to rejuvenate his friendship with Mr. Kenyatta.

UHuru however is said to have no soft spot for him following his(Waititu’s) many abusive utterances against the statehouse compounded by multi-million graft cases he is battling in courts.

He was spotted at Mangu Catholic Church trying to reach out to President Uhuru Kenyatta to greet him during a church function held on Wednesday.

Waititu who is facing serious corruption charges including embezzlement of Kiambu County funds could be seen cutting his way through the crowds towards the President who was busy chatting with a section of church leaders after the function.

Apparently the head of state ignored the man’s hand forcing the governor to fizzle out in disappointment. Video-

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