Why Akothee fainted in Kisumu during her performance. Details now emerge.

Singer Akothee.

Self-proclaimed president of single women Akothee collapsed under mysterious circumstances in a Kisumu festival held over the weekend.

There was a standstill in the jam-packed Luo Festival after the controversial Akothee, in the middle of an electrifying performance, collapsed.

Panic and confusion then engulfed the star-studded Festival after the action-packed female singer suddenly went off leaving everybody high and dry what forced her bodyguards to hurriedly lift her out for a first aid.

Th MC in the event kept on engaging the audience on diversionary hypes atleast to keep them busy as Akoth struggled with oxygen on the ground.

It is on record that, last week, the mother of five and self-declared president of single mothers had been admitted for 5 days at the Karen hospital over fatigue.

Connecting the dotes, her collapsing might have occurred due to the same reasons. Doctors had earlier advised the singer to take a rest from all the work and pressure what she might have not heeded.


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