Jirongo warns of Ruto presidency. Recalls paying sh 1.2M for T-shirts not supplied.

William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo.

“He corrupted some young men in our office and repeatedly supplied same 1000 t-shirts, took them again and resupplied them. This is what I am calling a  criminal deception,” Jirongo said.

Former Youth for KANU YK92 Chairman Cyrus Jirongo has warned Kenyans against electing Deputy President William to power in 2022.

The former Lugari lawmaker, in a blow by blow account of the under-dealings and dirty hands of his former ally-turned-foe, said the first tender Ruto was given by the YK92 to supply T-shirts for Moi campaigns turned out to be a scam.

That the DP was allegedly paid for what he had not supplied saying they eventually lost a whopping sh 1.2 million to Mr. Ruto who had only supplied same items 10 times.

“Instead 10,000 shirts, he brought 1000 Tshirts and repeatedly brought the same T-shirts 10 times so I ended up paying him Ksh`1.2 million shillings because a T-shirt then cost Ksh120.

The businessman accused Mr. Ruto of trying to corrupt the young boys at the stores where he would deliver a thousand T-shirts and they give back to him to deliver again.

Jirongo in a tell-it-all style recounted on Wednesday’s Point Blank show on how he was hesitant to work with Ruto even after a Fred Amayo kept pushing him to give Ruto a job.

Mr. Jirongo launched a thin-veiled attack on the DP terming him a man who thrives in both fraud and deception.

He added,  if Ruto will be elected to the top seat, it will take only a year for this country to be run down and become worse than Somalia.

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On spiritual front, Jirongo said Ruto was going to churches to propagate his criminal activities where before giving a contribution of sh 5 million, he first has to ask the bishop to refund sh 4 million by the end of the service.

He compared and contrasted Mr. Ruto and his boss Uhuru Kenyatta as two different people who cannot work together harmoniously.

Further Jirongo recalled how Mr. Ruto changed both bank account and the name of their partnership car business(Venture Africa) to Priroty ltd without his consent and wired all the cash to his(Ruto)account Video/Courtesy-

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