Reason why Murkomen and Duale are flip-flopping in the wake of BBI thunami.

Aden Duale and Senator Murkomen[Photo/Courtesy].

Building Bridges Initiative BBI is sweeping clean the system as manifested is the current political arena in the country.

The country seem to be witnessing a lot of changes in terms of how things are being done differently and more could be in waiting.

Though it is not quite able for anyone to link the woes facing Nairobi Governor to the handshake and its brainchild the BBI, what is coming to foe is a clear indication that Tsunami which they asked for could be looming.

After doing away with rebels like the former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Wednesday Jan 29th, the pro-BBI brigade will be descending hard on the house leadership, and this could be the reason why Senator Murkomen and his counterpart at the Natonal Assembly Aden Duale have of recent been flip-flopping from one side to another so they don’t get victimised. But it is coming

During their shining day, they forgot one rule of power which advises that never use power to make laws forgetting that power is short-lived and one day you will be out and same will be used against you.

What they enjoyed doing to ODM during their tyranny days has come to haunt them. The Swahili saying ‘malipo ni hapa duniani’ is manifesting itself.

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