Thinking out of the box instead of thinking about your degrees!


Education is important but success is another thing. Many educated people are still tarmacking out there in the name of looking for something to do while the hustler nation is rising up using whatever means possible.

Success cannot be about how many certificates one has but is about how you can apply principles of success and succeed. Remember you don’t own time, its running!

Looking at the history of the richest men and women in the world, and you will learn one or two things from them. They certainly dropped out of school. They then went hunting and using their brains to the maximum. On the other hand, educated people who cannot use what they learnt to create something in life are just as useless as paupers on the streets.

Don’t confuse this advice to saying education is useless, no. The essence here is that education is not all one requires in life. You can be successful whether you are educated or not. That is the point.

Success principles require one to work hard since from working comes luck. It multiplies resources. Those still carrying around their degrees looking for white collar jobs are doomed. Not all graduates can be accommodated in the employment job market. It is saturated contrary to how it was when we were being brought up.

Secondly, to become successful you will need to think on solving a problem through filling a gap in service industry or any trade. Thinking to become rich, then think of solving any problem and stay focused.

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Thirdly, try and sell anything. All the big names in the world are selling something. Why not think of anything you can sell? You will be surprised by how much you can make from it and create your own big brand.

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