This Man Narrates How He Has Helped Over 15,000 Kenyan Women to Get Rich Sponsors.


“I have been doing this job for twelve years now. From the time I started the business, I have successfully helped over 15,000 women get senior sponsors.

I am a traditional herbalist and I am dedicated to my work. I was trained by a famous herbalist in Mombasa who told me about being genuine in my work. What I do is that I have special charm which I instruct women how to place it on their men of interest.Once a man is influenced by the charm,his perception of the woman responsible will change.The man will start developing interest in the woman and eventually a relationship will start.

Most of the clients who have come for the services are from Nairobi,Mombasa,Central Kenya,Kisumu and Nakuru and their come for my services due to referrals.My work has over 95% successful rate.

I understand that in the modern world,women are more sensitive to money than looks,but majority of them don’t know how to access rich men.I purposely provide the charm to help them easily win the rich men.

To contact me,you can call this number +254740637248 or send me an email to will invite you to my office where I will explain to you how to get a rich sponsor”.

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