[Video] Uproar after a dirty Kenyan song surfaces online.


This generation is getting eroded by day following the advent of new music style christened Gengetone that has zero morals. Analysts cry!

The music widely sang in deep Estate Sheng has been criticized for promoting nothing but immorality leading to the current social degeneration.

In Tanzania and Ruanda, for instance, such dirty music was burnt through law but in Kenya its still done with reckless abandon.

It started with the famous Lamba Lolo song by Ethics, then Shoka, Rungu and now Pussy by a less know female act.

As the debate over the influence of Gengetone music to the society rages, top moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has to move with speed and stop this nonsense through legislation.

The content in the new controversial song Pussy is just crazy and, worse, sung by a female newbie. Video-

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