239 passengers from China to do self quarantine – CS Omamo angers MPs.

CS Raychelle Omamo[Photos/Courtesy].

“Some of the passengers were wearing face masks, I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were from India, China, Elgeyo-Marakwet or Kisumu,” said Omamo.

New foreign Affairs Minister Raychelle Omamo found herself on the wrong side after making remarks that seemed to anger a section of members of parliament.

Reacting to the shocking government move to allow a flight loaded with 239 Chinese nationals into the country, Omamo defended that the flight had met all the World Health Organisation WHO requirements and that all the occupants had been asked to isolate themselves.

She said this while appearing before National Assembly’s Departmental Committee for Defence and Foreign Relations on Thursday,

She, however, did not specify the guidelines that the plane was subjected to.

“Those who were on it were monitored and have been asked to self-quarantine,” she said.

The CS could not account for the nationality of the passengers saying it was difficult to ascertain their countries of origin.

“Some of the passengers were wearing face masks, I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were from India, China, Elgeyo-Marakwet or Kisumu,” said Omamo.

Omamo’s answers, however, did not sit well with the committee members as Belgut MP Nelson Koech termed them as underwhelming and sickening.

“Your answers are underwhelming and sickening, the government must be serious; we have locusts to fight, we can’t fight coronavirus,” Koech told Omamo.

Omamo responded: “I am sorry that you find my answers to be underwhelming. I don’t know what language to use to reveal how the Government is committed to tackling this issue.”

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Irked by the ‘self-quarantine’ statement, MPs asked Omamo to suspend flights from China immediately.

“We are not a serious country. How do you monitor self-quarantine? Let’s ban flights from China,” said MP Martha Wangare.

Another legislator added: “Kenya health institutions are weak, how can we allow 239 people at a go? The Ministry of Interior should tell us why these entry points are compromised.”

Omamo told the committee that the decision to suspend the flights will be deliberated by the abinet before making a pronouncement.

The CS further added that the government is more concerned with Kenyans trapped in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus than flights from China.

“Our focuses is on those students in China. They are in lockdown and we have to deal with them in a more delicate and sensitive way,” she said.

The Cs also diffused mounting tension on 100 Kenyans among them 91 expectant students living in China saying there was no plans of evacuating them back to the country

“We are continually monitoring the students. We are channeling our support through our Embassy in China and the Chinese Government,” she said adding that the students are in a position of receiving better healthcare in Wuhan.

According to her,  the government had disbursed Sh8.5 million to support the students through basic needs supplies.

None of the students so far is infected with the deadly virus. Source/Standard Digital-

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