Commotion as cheating wife is caught stuck with a man in a room[Shocking video].


Pandemonium was witnessed on Wednesday evening following a scene where a married woman was found tightly stuck together with a man while having a hot affair.

Popular gossip site reported how the two found themselves on the wrong side of an intimacy when they were made to remain glued together while having an affair.

A video which we received on our busy News Desk shows the lovebirds struggling between white sheets as onlookers swell in numbers on the sides of their bed.

The two remained stuck for the better part of Wednesday treating locals to a movie that looked like that script of Hollywood.

Shockingly, on their side was an unusual giant python ready to strike anyone who tries to move near the two with a aim of separating them.

Murmurs on the street indicated that the husband to the cheating woman sought services of a popular witchdoctor to punish his the two who were having an affair behind his back. Story source/


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