Creating an Eshop. What it involves.


Not everyone knows it is easier to launch a successful eCommerce business to sell goods and make a profit.

With this kind of trade, one ought to fist identify a supplier, check what he/she stocks and then list on your website for marketing. Many a times people just have to sign and create a mini-shop on the supplier’s website (marketplaces) and enlist what to market and that is all. In simple terms, you can just open an account with these websites, become their vendor and sell.

Examples of sites that sell physical products online are Amazon and Alibaba among many others both global and local. In Kenya or rather Africa, for instance, there are two major local names enjoying this online space and they include Kilimall and Jumia both which are dominating the African market.

Major factor on finding the right product is perhaps to use Keyword Research Tool to search for an appropriate product to sell.

This step involves looking for a wholesaler what is called marketplaces, setting up a website/blog and then promoting the product aggressively to the right audience.

It will be a great deservice if left hanging without singling out some of the best marketplaces in the world which includes, the Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Kilimall etc.

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