How to get your Paypal account and why have one.


There is no an interesting adventure in this world than working online and getting paid through Paypal at the cormfort of your residence.

The worst thing to happen in anyone’s life is working then struggling to get your honest pay in time. It is a heartbreaking experience.

If your answer is yes then here I will be showing you what you can do to send or receive money online through Paypal. Ofcourse you must have heard something on Paypal since its not a very new jargon online.

What I know is that anyone who is aspiring to work online like myself must be aware of what Paypal means. It all about receiving money through your registered email; just simple like that.

First things first, this is how you can create a Paypall account for your use:
1. Go to the Paypal site or download the application.
2. Click on “Sign up for Free” or “Sign up” button.
3. Enter your email address & create your password.
4. Click on the “Continue” button.
5. Fill out the form with your personal information.
6. Fill your Credit or Debit card information.
7. Enter your bank account details.
8. Apply for PayPal Credit if you want (optional).
9. Confirm your account through email.
10. Link your bank account & credit or debit cards.

After the ten steps above, you are done and you can start working online.

Remember it is prudent to first have these details before going online since any project you work online will ask you to first give your Paypall Gmail.

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So a question that then follows is what are the benefits of registering with Paypal means of receiving and sending money?

First, its free you are not charged to register and receiving money should also be free. If you are charged then its by the company sending you the money perhaps to incur Paypal costs.
Second Paypal works on almost all devices including Androids. This means you can be able to receive and send money from anywhere you are.

After this brief information, I guess you can be easy going online and testing anything you can to start your online work life.

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