How to handle your Valentine’s Day


February 14th will be a valentine’s Day with lovers all over expecting one or two things to happen and the rest not to happen.

I will be taking you through what you are not expected to do on this ‘red day’ otherwise risk demotion by a stroke of a pen. In particular, this is delicate day!

The day may end well for some while others it will be a horrible day they will never want to remember in their lives. I am convinced to think that we are all set for this red lovers day and lest we not be caught unawares.

During Valentine’s Day, there are a number of DONTs I will outline here for you and which you should not try. They are a handful of things you shouldn’t do on that Day. Kindly keep reading to see what you must not do to maintain your relationship going.

Top on the list is to avoid thinking about your good past relationships for you might be tempted to start a chat that may leak out some secrets your current lover should never have heard of. Anything beyond this will lead to a big regrettable mess. A quarrel will start which may end up badly. So you should avoid this mistake on this day. Better do it after the 14th.

Secondly, never spend your time surfing online in the presence of your partner. This may send a wrong signal to any serious friend you are having on that particular day. Spare this nonsense for the next day.

Last but not least, avoid anything that may lead to unnecessary discussions away from enjoying your Valentine. Don’t start a talk about your partner’s mistake. For instance, asking him or her about why she/ he had to do this or that. Keep your day strictly Valentine. Enjoy your way out!

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