How you can fight terminal diseases. Must read.


This article will be outlining ways that will help you say good bye to terminal diseases like cancer and diabetes.

There is an amazing effect of turmeric and ginger. Also when red pepper in mixed with the two fruits the anti-cancerous, anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic effect in realized.

You will be required to first dice the ginger, mango, banana after peeling and garlic then blend the diced fruits by using a blender before adding juice and lemon. You can use a juicer for better results.

Next step is to sieve the mixture using a sieve for papa (akamu) then you can dispose the residue for juice.

Last but not least, and this could be an optional step, is to either add the remaining recipes like honey, red pepper then refrigerate before using. You can also choose to boil the mixture before adding honey and red pepper. Quantities of red pepper will depend on individual preferences.

Medically you can.t drink this concoction once and expect results. Do it regularly to enjoy a long lasting health effects.

It is advised that those who have hypertension, premenstrual cramps, cold and any inflammatory can use. Further this drink can cure the upper respiratory tract and urinary tract infections.

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