Make money because nobody is interested in your age!

Three people including a South Sudan businessman, Mr Lawrence Malong Lual Yor, have been remanded to Luzira Prison over alleged fraud in connection with obtaining money by false pretence[Photo/twitter]

Education was the main thing before talent and skills came to replace it.

Money today can be owned by anyone. Anyone can have money regardless of their academic papers. The richest guys in the world at one point or the other had to drop out of class to pursue something else.

For instance the owner of Facebook, one of the richest guy in the world, never completed his academics. Also read Bill Gates!

Opera News wrote, if you want to be respected in life, make money. Nobody is interested in respecting you because of your age.

One funny fact about life is that nobody respects the poor than the rich in any society regardless of his or her age.

People will address the rich with absolute respect but the rich will never do the same for the poor.

When you have money, you command respect. Everybody will respect you regardless of your age.

An elderly person can bow before greeting a young rich man because of his wealth but not his age. That elderly person may be 50-years older than the young man but because the young man has money, he will be respected than the elderly man.

Children won’t play certain jokes with the rich man because he has respect. You don’t seek to be respected by people when you have money.

Money is power. People will worship you because you have money.

All your nonsense will make sense when you have money.

At every public gathering, the rich and wealthy people occupied the better seats. They sit at a designated Area. They are always protected by everyone regardless of their age.

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You have to work hard to make money.

You have to buy the best and eat the best. Don’t settle for less.

If you want to be respected in life make money because nobody is interested in your age.

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