Odinga’s BBI clever plan that will seal Ruto’s fate.

Hon Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto[Photos/Courtesy].

“Raila’s has hunting skills.Like a lion he has learned to isolate and attack,” Manyora stated.

Herman Manyora.

Building Bridges Initiative BBI is a clever plan by Raila to stop DP William Ruto from accessing power in 2022.

Political analysts Herman Manyora has sensationally said that this is an ingenious plan to stop Ruto from making unnecessary movements in the country.

“Raila’s has hunting skills.Like a lion he has learned to isolate and attack,” Manyora stated.

He claimed that Odinga was winning the war against Ruto by uniting all leaders from across the country or risk isolation.

He commented that Odinga’s plans were bearing fruits in his favour and might eventually see Ruto’s fate sealed this early

“I begin to see many people misunderstand the issue of BBI. They do not understand how it is being used as a strategy by Raila. What Raila is doing is to ensure people who are not compliant are either isolated or brought to the fall. The tactic he has used to bring the Maasai together shows that is the plan,” Manyora stated.

The seasoned don further said with Uhuru and many of his supporters on board, Ruto was losing a lot and this must worry him.

“This will isolate Ruto,” Manyora asserted. It will leave people on the ground feeling cold. They will drift towards some father figure. All of us are in need of a father figure. In politics, a county, a community, a region will knowingly or unknowingly drift towards a father figure,” he stated. What Raila is doing, by bringing Governors together, he is making it impossible for people to relate with Ruto,” he added.

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After all governors under his umbrella, Odinga will move very fast and make sure all MPs join him including all the Tangatanga MPs. This will create a situation in the country where almost every leader will be singing BBI tune. Ruto will be left in the cold alone.

“Even in the Rift Valley, once Ruto is fully isolated sufficiently, they will change course.”

Manyora then claimed that Ruto on the other hand was getting weaker and desperate by day what will make his close political rival in Rift Valley Gideon Moi stand tall.

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