Poverty, if not destroyed, will instead destroy you.


No one was born with money in his pocket and therefore poverty is man made here on earth.

Poverty can be defined as not just lack of money but lack of ideas.  Sometime it can be defined as the real poor state of someone’s mind.

Looking at bigwigs like Bill Gates and the Facebook guru Mark Zuckeburg, they never came on earth with anything but worked their brains out to the top.

Better books on this topic will advise, to overcome poverty, you must be ready to give. Find the need of your target market and provide an easy solution.

Wanting to escape poverty, you must wake up from your comfort zone, go out, meet new people, read a lot and brainstorm from what you just gathered. The bible never has soft words for the lazy and cowardice. It condemns such with the strongest terms possible. It even prohibits such persons from eating. They need to be isolated from the rest. Just imagine.

For financial freedom, one must be ready to go out of his way and try that which he or she has never done. Doing same thing same way is a complete waste of time.

Statistics confirms that 90 % of rich people or families discovered the exact principles of financial freedom which they firmly followed to become rich. You cannot therefore be an exception! Becoming financially independent is your responsibility. Never accept to be poor. Never make it your birthright. Without money no respect.

Believe in God and destroy poverty like a wild animal. Poverty, if not destroyed fast, will destroy you and leave you a helpless person the rest of your lief. When poverty knocks, not even your own children will have kind words for you; they will run away.

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In a nutshell, wealth commands respect. You have it you are sorted!

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