Quick guide on how to make money doing online surveys.


Making some money online is an interesting exercise which everyone must crave to learn but unfortunately because scams have overtaken the industry many people don’t want to give a try.

However, even as some people don’t want to hear anything about it, many are trying out and making some cool cash. Not much but atleast something to put food on the table.

Surveys are not bad especially to those who want to make some extra cash than just siting there idle. What can be of benefit than trying to make some cash using afew mobile bundles? Myself I make upto $15 on a good day doing online surveys from some of the tested panels which I may share here later.

Surveys are not hard to complete. Questions are not academic and neither are they a must to answer. You work at your own free time and make money. Interestingly, some survey panels give cash through PayPal. I consider this kind first but gift card can still do.

Are you a student or you have just competed your school or you are a mature person who still has nothing to do. Why not try this jobs? Infact many people who are doing online jobs are employed or in business, and they still afford to log into survey sites after their day job. So having a day job should never be an excuse.

I personally find working online an interesting affair which I may not drop soon unless I am given a convincing alternative.

Other things you can do online and make some money is signing on websites and particular Apps then get paid. Many Apps and sites can pay you by just becoming their member. They have reasons why they have to pay.

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Further you can become an affiliate marketer or partner by signing with afew companies that sell services and goods. People make a lot of money doing this. You will realize that all my blog have these type of links. I wouldn’t be signing them if they are not giving me returns.

Some more authentic survey panels apart from the above links include:


Palm Research

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