Some of the worst effects of masturbation -Must read!


Effects of m*asturbation are enormous but in this article we are going to sample just afew which are quick to notice but which have dire consequences.


Essentially, many people do masturbate and manage to get away with it, however, it is important to control this habit if it starts to take over your life. This is to safeguard both your health and relationship.

Masturbation when addicted can be fatal to man or woman. It is basically a very unhealthy activity that when done frequently can turn harmful both psychologically, emotionally and biologically. This therefore means your health is at stake anytime you do it. Just note that anything done in plenty can be harmful.

In fact avoid this habit since reports have alreday proven that, once started, it becomes hard to be dropped. It instead continues to take over someone’s life due to adduction or call it sexual urge.

Moreso, this activity is ungodly. It must be noted that the Bible condemns this in strongest terms possible. It is a sin that you can’t just get away with.

Secondly, it can affect sexual life; done a lot can kill your sexual desire and eventually loss of respect in your family. Especially for men, this habit will make you weaker sometimes releasing quickly while in bed and therefore failure to last longer on a woman can have its ripple effects in any relationship. It cannot be overemphasized!

Some people lose their hair. A man who practices this habit will eventually become bald at an early stage of life.

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Further this habit can lead to unnecessary back pains. Bones become weak and hence the subsequent backaches.

Another effect of masturbation is forgetting things quickly. Psychologist will refer to this as memory lapses or memory loss.

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