Sonko’s life in office now hang on a slim thread.

Mike Sonko, Nairobi County Governor[Photo/Courtesy].

“This will not be a house of shouting. It will be a house where we use the rule of law,” she reiterated. 

Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok.

Governor Mike Sonko troubles continued to pile up on Thursday Feb 20th after MCAs tabled a motion to throw him out of office.

The hard hitting motion that could see Sonko finally rendered jobless the Waititu way was tabled by the no nonsense Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok who is an ODM-elected representative.

however, even as he was tabling the same, Sonko-allied MCAs kept interrupting the session with speaker Beatrice Elachi struggling to contain the situation.

“This will not be a house of shouting. It will be a house where we use the rule of law,” she reiterated.

In the motion, The Makongeni MCA seemed to accuse Mr. Sonko of many things among them exhibiting total incompetence to handle Nairobi and further unable to lead.

He also mentioned how the embattled Nairobi boss was hell-bent on showcasing showbiz kind of leadership at the expense of development for the residents hence holding the electorate at ransom.

Sonko only came to realise the importance of nominating a deputy after he was dragged to court for corruption charges what some said was away of keeping his other foot in county management matters.

When he heard about his impeachment, Mr. Sonko on Tuesday Feb 19th reportedly called some MCAs allied to Jubilee to sweet talk them so as to save him from axing.

This motion, if Sonko will not move fast to divert it away, it may see his fate finally sealed.

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