Start a lucrative online business using this simple technique.


It is another year and you are thinking of starting something to put food on the table or and change your life.

More often than not people have attractive resolutions towards end of the year but once they enter into the new year, their resolutions are immediately dropped like hot potato until further notice.

In this article we advises about starting a small business to help impart some business sense into your life, and to be precise, show you how to launch a cosmetic shop online.

People who know how to leverage on internet space are making a lot of money in monthly cheques an amount someone who is hell-bent on working in office cannot make in 30 days. Imagine getting sh 80,000 on your account without leaving your home. That would be on the lower side since people make upto 1 million working online.

So to start selling anything on the internet, first you will need to have a steady online presence to grow your brand. For instance, fancy items and cosmetics make a good sale online; women making a good percentage of the clientbase.

That said, you will require to launch a social page or pages and a subsequent healthy traffic. It costs nothing to have one and good luck is no state is charging licenses to own one. Don’t forget people like Kylie Jenifer who built a lucrative multimillion cosmetic venture on her Instagram. Why can’t you have a branded Facebook page and make money?

Secondly, after starting to get some sales from your social pages, you will definitely need a formal platform to engage your growing number of custimers. I propose a website/blog. Creating one will cost you as little as sh 2,500 or less if you can do it yourself. For those who have no idea, it will force them to part with some sh 10,000 to hire a designer. This amount is nothing compared to what you plan to get from the site in future.

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Last but not least, there is a new kid on the block who landed in Africa just the other day, call him Drop Shipping. This is where you don’t need to stock any inventory. Goods are shipped directly to the client. You never get to handle the product.

In summery starting an online business, for instance, may require as little as sh 2,000 and you will be good to go.

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