This is what blogging can make for you every month.

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Bloggers are increasing by day and the industry, just like any other, is becoming saturated throwing into confusion those aspiring to join.

That said, I still discourage those individuals who never liked writing from the word go not to venture into this field since it involves a lot of that. Nonetheless, some can be able to learn from job. If you are this category then why not?

Fast forward, let me discuss the topic of blogging. I have been blogging for some time. Not less than a year. In fact I started armature blogging seven years ago 2013 to be specific before I moved to commercial blogging a year ago.

When I say armature blogging I mean doing it for fun. I love writing and I am a trained writer in creative writing having done my course for four years with an international school. After that I joined mainstream writing where I worked for a prominent publisher(media company) in Kenya for six years. Therefore, I have all it takes to write articles for my readers. A good writer will know there is an error in these short phrase, “Quickly finish” and “Finish quickly!” A good writer who observes grammar will tell you there is a grammar point in these two sentences, “We also believe’ and “We believe also,” What should come first?

That said, blogging is not about grammar unless your niche is about teaching people English language. From a point of view, blogging is all bout writing what you want to say. All about making money. It reaches a time when you want money to put food on the table. In particular, to launch your blog, write and post quality unique content and popularize your site. Period.

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How many of you know Pat Flynn? This is a renowned blogger making over Ksh 20 million every month from his blog (mentioned below) which touches on online marketing. His top secrete is, he found the right niche and stuck with it.

“I graduated from college with an architecture degree and went to work for an amazing architectural firm as a Job Captain. I was thriving in my career and had no plans to leave it—but there are some parts of life we can’t control.

The downturn in the economy hit my industry hard. In 2008, just a few months before my wedding, I was laid off from my job,” he disclosed.

He only launched in 2008 and made a decision to host the blog with Blue Host. One element about this hosting company is its stability and global recognition.

For my case, I am still growing and cannot brag on how I am making money from this filed but it is a a fact I am atleast able to make something every month from my online activities. I cant complain.  My prayer is for many of you to join this big online work. It is enough for all of us.

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