To be able to last long, this is for you men!


Not being able to last long in bed can be another harsh reality some women don’t want to put up with.

Whichever name you may call it, premature ejaculation is a condition that can put off your partner anytime, and for this reason, some men have resorted to taking all kinds of pills to meet their sexual demands.

To quickly take you through a brief process on how to handle this condition, we have prepared an article on Do It Yourself DIY.

Firstly, you will require three big ginger, three lime, two lipton bags and boiled water which you will have to deep the three ginger and lime before adding the two bags of liptons.

You are advised to boil this in a covered kettle and allow the mixture to boil for atleast 15 minutes.

Then after this process, serve it hot but 2 hours in spare before you resign to bed. Bring me results tomorrow!

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