What to consider when starting a career in blogging.


Starting a career in blogging can be a challenge but still a worthwhile risk to take if guidelines are well followed.

Firstly, it cannot be overemphasized that one should be blogging about what he knows. The most serious element in blogging is cutting a niche; a specific line of writing topic that is well understood by the author. Most bloggers for instance can start almost vaguely but with time they learn to narrow down to a specific topic which they can sell quickly to their readers. This narrowing down can take some time but when it eventually picks, the rest becomes history.

No doubt that blogging industry is becoming saturated and in any case you have to be prepared to compete not by anyone but with your own niche. Topics are many. For instance, instead of blogging on general line like cooking, why can’t you pick something like baking biscuits and become an authority in that? You will appreciate after people become familiar with what you do; they will be your customers coming and calling to buy your product. And before you know it, you will be running your own online shop.

That said, another most important thing in blogging is the branding aspect. So many starters get this wrong. They tend to hurry in going live by posting articles without first thinking of putting their house in order. My advice would be to first look for that element of standing out from the rest and therefore a need for a nice logo and name. This must come with attractive colours that complements well with your niche.

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To be able to have a lasting recognition for your readers, one will be required to brand the blog properly and this will require investing in logo design. Most bloggers say they were able to get a logo cheaply. This can be possible in this digi-era but I have to insist on quality not the amount spent. For instance, the logo on this blog was done by four designers. When it was designed the very first time, it never was good, it had to be repeated another five times. It was hectic but worthy. So simply put, four designers five times to come up with this jihami.com logo! It took two months to be precise.
Another quite interesting logo can be found onother popular propaganda site by the name https://dundapost.co.ke. It was made quite perfect and resonates well with the blog niche and colour. It was designed by two guys who compared notes. It took a week.

Last but not least, you will be required to have a blog with a steady uptime. There is no excuse on this. Failing blogs start by being poor on visibility. A blog must be live all the time and the only way to ensure this happens is by getting a reliable host. Try Blue Host which to me has proved to be stable for most competitive bloggers.

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