What you don’t need to miss on Valentine’s Day.


“Happy birthday to me and happy valentine’s Day to my Facebook fam(family) any wishes for me”

Valentine’s Day though appears diluted nowadays, it has never completely faded out; and therefore still requires some attention.

With the hard economic times hitting hard on almost every household and therefore relationships, time well spent on the ‘red day’ can be a challenge yes, but cannot be overemphasized.

The ultimate Valentine’s gift in any relationship is spending the Valentines together especially if you can make it so. If not you have to let your partner know why since one party can be sick, far away or perhaps siting exams what may make it hard to meet.

But just in case you can, be together on this particular day, nothing makes it so funful than stepping out in full reds and some red flower in your hand.

You and your beau can decide to head to one of the romantic destinations in the city or a nearby place to enjoy bites of Nyama Choma and some Pizza add alittle, kachumbari and sum up with wine.

For some may opt a classic all night out experience with in bed breakfast or simple at home Valentines touch. And for some may decide to try their cozy in winter finest and enjoy a hot Valentine’s adventure marathon! What can make your day big make sure you are all safe.

The photo below was picked from Facebook and Mary Mwelu seemed to wish all her fans a Happy enjoyable day.

“Happy birthday to me and happy valentine’s Day to my Facebook fam(family) any wishes for me”

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