Why poor people win betting jackpots.


Are only people from a humble background who have been winning betting jackpots in the county.

The main reason as per the obvious study is that, poor people are risk takers who utilize any possible shilling they have to want to multiply it. They then put it on the nearest investment possible in this case betting comes first.

Poor people have no many sources of income what makes them vulnerable for any investment dangled in their faces.

Starting from days of Sportpesa, only men and women from humble backgrounds ran away with jackpots and even today the same story is replicating itself with Betika.

Numbers collected have shown that only 4% of bettors come from affluent or well-off background while the rest are from poor families. This therefore raises chances or probability of poor men winning the mouthwatering million prize.

Last but not least, the poor persons try hard to make sure that they utilise any shilling they have in the pocket on a bet they think can work. They therefore take time to make some research even as far as buying betting tips from legit sites what improves their chances of running away with coveted money.

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