Angela Simmons eying Bow Wow again after 15 years.

Angela Simmons and Bow Wow[Photos/Courtesy].

“Bow has definitely grown as a man,” she said in her “GUHH” confessional. “You never know.

Famous American celebs Angela Simmons and rapper Bow Wow are warming up for dating again.

“Bow has definitely grown as a man,” she said in her “GUHH” confessional. “You never know. Me and Bow may or may not date again. At this point, we’re just friends- so, we’ll just see.” Anngela posted on Instagram.

She believes Bow has now grown up and they can be together again. The two lovebirds used to date when they were teenagers about 17 but they couldn’t sustain it longer resorting to just becoming friends.

“What’s wrong with this man lol @shadmoss !!! Hahaha tune in tonight @guhh_wetv !! @jojo_simmons n  @tanice___amira get married tonight @wetv !” Angela added.

On the same post , Bow clapped back saying “Martin and gina”.

This then attracted so much from the public with some thinking the pair could still date but a section thought otherwise

“Yass I love ya get together!❤️ This man had me hollering at the TV, 😂”

“Why do good girls like bad guys, knowing that bad guys tell mad lies?🤣 Should gave Romeo a shot. All Bow Wow gone do is let you down again. Yall girls stay loving them “bad boys” but it always ends the same smh”

“💙yall are so freaking great together hang in there with Bow and teach him how you like to be treated and maybe he will learn the right way”

“Angela Shad is NOT for you. He has shown you who he is. He belongs as a friend. However the MONOGAMY guy is a good look for you👏🏾”

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The reported that the 32 year old superstar, in her latest episode The Real,  hinted at their coming together with Bow Wow saying she loved him from the word go.

“I’ve known him since 17, and that’s my friend, and if something were to ever happen it would be what would happen. But for me, I’m chillin,” she hinted.

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