Do not make calls in your kitchen!


Gass cooker makes work easier in your kitchen but this can turn into a kitchen fire if you don’t observe these precautions. Easily say, this comes with a degree of risks.

Gas cylinder no doubt is a very inflammable petroleum gas LPG that can turn into fire incase of any trigger. has today listed some of the accidents fires has caused in many parts of the world and their causes.

Don’t ever switch the gas cylinder off and leave the gas cooker on. This always contains an amount of gas that can turn into an abrupt fire in the presence of any heat. This is a mistake that many families continue to make.

Thirdly, while you are putting on the fire, don’t put on the cylinder and the cooker then take some longer interval before lighting. It is dangerous due to the spilling gas.

Never cook and at the same time use insecticide sprays in your home. Observe one thing at a time since insecticides are highly inflammable and can catch fire with ease.

Also avoid at whatever costs to make calls while cooking in the kitchen. Kitchens are squeezed and therefore making calls becomes too dangerous. Just a simple mistake of making calls can cause burning because of heat generated inside. Then remember the lithium battery inside your phone! the room!

It goes without saying that what could be better than making your kitchen airy to avoid heating and the looming disaster?

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