Hot city Facebook page that is wreaking havoc on marriages.


A fresh hot Facebook page dubbed Home Beauful is now giving young mothers sleepless nights.

On the page, mothers floss their mansions and lavish homes as those who are still struggling admired from a distance what causes them a long night.

Home Beautiful was created on Feb 11th and by March 10 2020 got the attention of 152,477 members.

In the group, members are allowed to showcased their property ownership  including interior/exterior designs, landscapes, décor skills share their home ownership journey among many others home issues.

Many rich women who have already built their upcountry homes post them on the wall bragging on how they will be having another city in the village. This however rubs other the wrong way with many unleashing varied responses.

“Pressure is Real. I just need some testimonies indicating how people started from Grass to this Grace am seeing in this group. Ama maombi mnaenda Kwa mlima upi?”

Jipee 3yrs-4yr save 300k kwa sacco they give you loan 3 times that amount buy your first plot.” Another one said.

“Me hata sijui nani aliniiingiza kwa hiyo group… nilijioata huko…na bado naishi bedsitter… sijui nitasurvive aje huko.” A user reacted.

Another user, decided to lament on how the group had been turned into a ‘home of braggers’.  “Lakini that group has turned into a humble bragging and clout chasing thing.”


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