How to last long in bed if you are a man.


Just having a good time with your lover in the bedroom could be enough for a healthy marriage or dating life.

Men depend a lot on the ego of sustaining a woman not by how much he can give to her but by how long he can keep her in bed. Whether married or with a random woman he has picked, a man has to rise to the occasion.

Men put off women when they tend to release very fast during s*x. It can even lead to a lady cheating in a relationship to satisfy herself. Men with this condition then feel weak and out of place.

Solution to this can be found in hospital or by buying drugs that can boost sexual ability. Sadly, this can be costly to some people hence an alternative of using readily available fruits that can be of much help to their sex health.

Below we mention for you some of the fruits when blended well may result in something that can super boost sex ability.

Coconut, Tigernut, dates and milk when mixed can do wonders to anyone who has not been doing well in bed.

To blend crash Coconut, Tigernut and dates into dust, mix tem well and then pour them into a milk solution in a transparent container. This brings about a superb concoction that replaces Viagra. It can make a man remain hard and steady for more than two hours. It has no side effects to human health

Warning, never overdo this mixture into your body because it can lead to fatalities. A woman can even pass away!

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