How to survive in the city for the first time.

Nairobi CBD[Photos/Courtesy].

Survival in Nairobi city has never been easy especially for those with no job.

City life can be quite unforgiving especially when the city rejects you like an outcast. In Nairobi there is no brother or sister; everyone is for himself.

That said, there are afew ways one can devise to be able to make it in the city where sun is hotter than any other place in the world.

To be able to make some progress in Nairobi, make good use of your hobby. Just realize what you can be able to do then move forward. In the city there is no shyness. For example if you can braid, paint, sing, rap, write article and academic papers, dance, blog etc, you can get the exposure required to move you next level. Market in Nairobi is guaranteed for whatever activity you get involved into.

Also make sure you rent a room you can be able to pay. Don’t be lured or tempted by peer pressure to rent mansions whenever you have some cash, instead invest.

Thirdly, learn to control your expenses. Weigh out between buying households in supermarkets or on the streets. Bulk shopping for food stuffs is essentially the best than picking a piece tomato from mama mboga at sh 10 every evening.

And last but not least, I mentioned earlier how market can be ready in the city for whatever activity you are involved in. take lead and start networking. Mingle with the right groups. Best networking might see you secure a space in a good company in Nairobi. You can also start landing contracts along the way.

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