Mistakes many people do during betting.


Numbers of Bettors across the globe is rising by day as betting companies also swell in numbers.

This subsequent rise in bettors is therefore proportionally affecting number of those losing bets everyday. However, that said, quite a number also do win.

Those who lose money in betting must be greedy. Remember many people want to bet with sh 100 to win 20 million jackpot. Everything comes with a price. In essence betting companies must make sure they earn enough to be able to pick one jackpot winner for an award. Just put, for them to pay the sh 20 million or more to any jackpot winner, they must have made billions in business  profits.

It is proper to know that just a handful do win from sh 100 deposit and it cannot be all the time everyday. It is sad that everyone wants to win big without painstakingly doing research on how and when to bet. Follow this tips and start winning bets.

We advise that you should not combine more than 5 games in a ticket since the higher the number, the higher the probability of losing.

Don’t concentrate in only big teams since they tend to have little odds. Just put it, don’t combine more than five big teams; they will not give reasonable odds.

Last but not least, Choose odds which are above 1.20. Good day .

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