Ringtone beaten like a dog in a Runda bash.

Singer Ringtone[Photo/Courtesy].

Gatecrasher gospel musician Alex Apoko received a though beating after gatecrashing a party in Runda.

The weekend incident took place after the singer forced his way into the party what led to a scuffle where the security decided to teach him a lesson.

Sources claimed that the security detail descended and left him with injuries before he was rushed to a nearby clinic for first aid treatment.

Moments later, he was fellow gospel artist Weezdom who took to Instagram to detail the accounts saying Ringtone was unwanted guest at a private party.

“Sasa huyu mumama anaitwa Ringtone after nilimwambia ukweli hawezi withstand. Naona hadi ameniblock na hii kiherehere yote anakuanga nayo. Sasa jana amegatecrcush kwa bash ya wenyewe hapo Runda akijiita celeb akitusi mwenmye sherehe na mwenye bash hajasikia jina yake. Si hivyo ndio amepigwa kama burukenge,” he captioned.

Taking to his Instagram, gospel artiste Weezdom detailed the account of the story and went ahead to criticize his(Ringtione) actions.

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