This is what happens if you marry a lady with a child.

Mother with a child[Photos/Courtesy].

Getting into marriage is not an experiment and those who have tried to make this experiment have found themselves exposed. Their marriage have in one way or another backfired.

Choice of whom to settle down with the rest of your life is not quite easy and thus need to take some time for this choice.

Everyone has his own choice but it is equally important to note that marrying a lady with a child might make your marriage life more complicated. Woman with children or a child come into marriage because of desperation. They will tend to hide their true colours so that they may settle down but once they are done, they become another problem.

Secondly, avoid women with children because research has shown that most women who got children with another man will still maintain contacts with the father of the older kids. She even respects him much more thinking in case of anything they may still get together.

Another aspect surrounding ladies with children is that they are not wifely. They cannot be submissive enough because they have seen it all. They don’t care about heartbreak stories anymore and they can still walk over it just in case it came again. So for these class of women to settle down with someone whom they perceive to be a newbie in love matters will turn tern off.

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