Use onions to repel rodents at your home.

A mother displaying onions[Photos/Courtesy]

We have not once explained to you how salt a blessed household at your home for it has been able to help protect and bring blessing to many home.

The second household that we are going to show you today is the onion. Not many people know that just like salt, an onion can never be destroyed by even a rat or cockroach in your house. Ask yourself why whenever you place an onion on the floor of your room, no rodent dares to move closer. An onion instead will just rot on itself.

Onions are a very effective and natural remedy to getting rid of rats and annoying Wall Geckos at your home. They are not just an ordinary vegetable the way many people tend to think! No they have another potential. Trying is free and you can also try and see what the results are.

The explanation is simple, an onion smells odious to the rodents which tries to move close and as a result they get irritated and run away. They may not even come back again. Just slice a piece of onion and place it inside the hole or an area where you see these animals then Thank me later.


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