Use salt to fight bad odour from your sneakers.


It is close to impossible to find a home where salt is not on the table. This household commodity remains the most used in all homes.

Its purpose continues to baffle many since it treats almost every disease and also brings home good luck.

Salt for instance will deal with annoying dandruffs. Forget the many lotions you are sold on the market, try salt by scrubbing away all of that dandruff before you wash your hair. Essentially salt has a natural abrasiveness that helps in scrubbing dandruff away.

You just need to add some salt to your hair, then give it a really good massage into the scalp what will help exfoliate and remove any flaky bits before you then get in the shower to shampoo and condition as usual. Salt further can be applied to help exfoliate your skin.

Salt can also be used to keep sneakers stink free. It sounds strange but this is a sure remedy to deal with odour from your shoe especially during the summer. Granted, you can buy expensive deodorants but salt is another easily available method.

What you just have to do is to sprinkle some salt into each of your shoes before surrendering to bed. It will definitely deal with the odour and in the morning you will meet a completely fresh pair of shoe ready to take you to work.

Use salt to also clean your iron box bottom. When an annoying stain melts below your iron box, it becomes tough to remove. Use salt by spreading it on a piece of newspaper, then back and forth roll the iron box bottom on the salt grains. Thank me later!

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